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Know-how - proSolve Consulting

We deal with processes organization: business, management, operations, marketing and communications, counting on fifteen years of competence in ICT development and technological innovation. 

Our mission: supporting companies to meet competitive goals through process optimization and specific management actions. 


Expertise - proSolve Consulting

Proved skills in many market sectors, we collaborate with companies to support continuous business and operational improvement.

Specific   business areas best practices: Textile Apparel, Fashion Luxury Goods, IT Services, Automation, Engineering, Construction, Food Beverages, Automotive.


Contact - proSolve Consulting
proSolve Consulting s.a.s.
address       22, via Sant'Antonino
postal code  10139
city             TURIN 
country        ITALY
VAT             IT09997550018
phone          +39 011 19480499